It’s time for another blogging holiday.  The things I want to say are not coming out in a way I want to say them.  Maybe they need to be expressed in a raw, even militant tone but I’m not ready for that yet if that’s the case so I’m thinking a hiatus will work well.  I have a friend who just finished a 3 month sabbatical to learn that he didn’t want to keep doing what he was doing so who knows, maybe I’ll never come back.

I may post some random (ever notice how teenage kids use that word often?) postings and thoughts but nothing too thought-provoking.  I’m setting March 1 as the target date to get back in the blogging saddle but I’ll play it by ear. 

If you want to do something for me, pray for peace.  I have so many friends going through an inner turmoil and I think it has hit some wounds and scars within me that have taken some of the peace I was enjoying.  I know satan is behind it all so I keep looking for ways to shut him down in my life and praying that God will do that in the lives of the people around me I know are hurting.

I’m also striving to see God’s vision for my life.  I have several things I’m thinking through and trying to understand what the future holds and what path  I need to be traveling.  I’m listening for God’s direction but think I have too much of my own thoughts banging around to hear him.  I think there are some incredible things ahead for me if I can just slow down and hear the voice of my Lord.

See you soon.

Grace and peace to you.
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