I attended the Round Rock Church of Christ on Sunday and “Wow!” it was a period of WORSHIP.  Yes, that is worship in big capital letters.  A great worship leader and an awesome message about Christ’s kingship made for a great morning and lingering thoughts for what I can do to be a better child of God.

I believe there is a big difference in “going to church” and “going to worship” and I’m guilty, for far too long, of going to church.  I may spend some more time exploring the semantics of the two terms later but for now I will simply leave it with you to contemplate.  I will say that for years, I’ve been guilty of going to church and not truly worshiping in truth and spirit (another term I want to explore).  As I have gone through a period that has led me to a growing, more real relationship with God I seek to worship him through song, through emotions, through a heart for His glory.

I believe the worship leader sets the tone for the worship service and the believer in Round Rock were led by a clear and obvious passion for God and I was thankful to be a part of it.  It was a reminder, even an eye-opener to what worship can and should be.

Grace and peace to you.
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