Way to go Phil!  Phil Mickelson won the Masters over the weekend.  I’m not a golfer, don’t watch it on TV other than the highlights and haven’t played in years because of a back problem but Mickelson remains one of my favorite players because a) he seems like a good guy and b) he’s a left-handed golfer.  I saw one shot he hit from behind a pine tree that landed on the green in almost perfect placement.  Wow.

I wonder why I have so much trouble living in submission to God?  I think I know and it boils down to a) I don’t take the time to seek His guidance because b) I think I can handle it on my own.  This leads to several problems for me because submission is much easier, simpler and peaceful yet my flesh wants to set about creating my own path.  Crazy.  It’s something I’m working on and wish I could get where I want to be quicker.  At times I can’t help but criticize myself for being so self-focused.  Thankfully, I have experienced the unmatchable love and grace God covers me with and feeling it allows me to move closer to Him.  I hope my heart will be completely broken and open to God’s good and perfect will soon and that I will not go backwards.  Perfection in my relationship with God is something I know will be hard but it is where I want to be because I know the reward will lead to perfect peace in every situation.  Just give me Jesus.

Grace and peace to you.

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