What do preachers and management consultants have in common?  They speak to hundreds of people each week about ways to improve the listener’s lives, the listener’s hear the message and agree it’s a good idea and then the listeners go back to day-to-day living seldom implementing what they heard and agreed would improve their life.  What if I really lived the life I talk about living?  What if I really sought God in everything I do?  What if I really acted like the hands and feet of Jesus all the time?  What if I implemented all the good things Rick talks about on Sunday mornings?  Instead, I often spend my time talking about it and living a life that isn’t full of glory to God.

I was talking to a good friend who I have had some great theological conversations with the other day.  I had got up and got ready to come to work, my mind full of the things I needed to do to a) leave the house dressed appropriately and b) get accomplished that day to make work seem successful.  On the way to the office, I knew I would see my friend that day and we would have another good theological discussion about all the things we wanted to do to live closer to God and I was glad we would talk.  Once we got together and started our discussion, I realized I had started my day full of the thoughts of the worldly things I needed to do and been excited about talking to him about God…but I had not spoken to God that whole morning.  Another day that I was happy to talk about it but failed to live close to God.

In a sense, this blog is that very thing.  It’s a place where I write my ideas and talk about things I want to do but maybe haven’t attempted yet.  My prayer today is that God will use me and that I will be open to His direction and, if he is still preparing me for what He wants me to do, that I will be content in the preparation and the relationship I will build with Him.

I don’t want to be full of ideas and short on action.  I want to be His child and His disciple, doing what He would be doing on this earth.  Lord, give me strength and courage to act, wisdom to guide me in the right path and joy in all that brings glory to your name.

Grace and peace to you.
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