Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.– Proverbs 4:23

Tonight is Game 7, the finale, between the Celtics and Lakers.  The winner takes home the trophy and the glory of being the NBA champions and the other team goes home a loser – 2nd place of course – but the loser.  Kobe is going to go all out for this game.  Pierce and Allen and Garnett are going to go all out for this game.  Their defense will be amped up and their offense will come from an attacking mindset.  They will not play timid.  They will not stand back around the goal hoping the other team doesn’t get too close.  They will be playing up close on defense, keeping their enemy an arm-length away but close enough they can keep a wary eye on him and stop him from scoring.  On offense, they will be looking for every little hole to attack so that they will win their cause.

I need that kind of mindset as a Christian.  I read Proverbs 4:23 and think it would be easy to sink back into a hole, just hide and thereby protect my heart.  I get caught in the first half of the sentence and forget the second half – it is the wellspring of lifeLife.  God wants us to live for Him with some sense of abandon from fear, with an idea of watching for every avenue we have to go on the offensive in glorifying Him.  God wants us to protect our heart from evil but not by hiding it but, instead, using it.  Christians need to be like the guy on the court who is playing tough defense, knowing he is going to have a battle to prevent his opponent from scoring but not backing off one bit – instead, getting a hand out to knock away the opportunity for the opponent and then, not stopping to relish the defense, but to go on the offensive, to live and to share the majesty of the Almighty.

I need to remember to play each day like it’s Game 7.  There is a trophy on the line and I want to be the one to bask in the ticker tape parade and glory of being a champion for God.

Grace and peace to you.