Last night was another fun night of making things go boom.  I love the artillery shells. 

I have noticed so many signs proclaiming “freedom is not free” leading up to the 4th and have contemplated on how true that statement rings.  I know it is primarily intended to remind us of our fighting forces that protect this country but it relates the same to the fighting forces that are working to protect our hearts.  Freedom comes from the cross and it was not free.  Freedom comes from denying ourselves but it doesn’t come easy.  Freedom comes from confession but it is not without pain.  Freedom is not free.

I look forward to the day when we can recall our troops from harms way while wondering if that day will ever come again.  While I want to envision peace and prosperity for our nation and for the world, I can’t help but look around and wonder if we have entered a time when fighting and the desire of nations won’t only continue but will escalate.

I’m so thankful my life doesn’t simply consist of what happens in this world.  As much as I enjoy people and things that are here, I know that the true reward, the ultimate glory comes in a world after this one.

Baseball and more baseball this week while dodging the rain.

The Lord is my shepherd…

Grace and peace to you.