To see the light, I need to look for the light. 

In my darkest days, it is easy to leave my thoughts on the darkness that seems to overwhelm me.  It is easy to get caught up in questions and accusations and emotions.  I find myself questioning God and wondering why He isn’t using His power the way I want Him to, asking if He has forgotten me, wondering what I’ve done that is so bad God won’t reach down and help me.  Yet all I have to do is take my eyes off of myself for an instant and I see the light of God shining all around me.  It’s there, I just have to be willing to open my eyes and look for it.  I see the brightness of God shining in the people who are praying for me and who are helping me in ways big and small.  I see it in the words of love spoken to me and in invitations to share a meal. 

I want my heart to be attuned to God.  I want it to be easy to see the light and have the darkness blocked from my sight.  I want to rejoice in the warmth of God’s light, I want to worship in the warmth of God’s light, I want to take each step and breathe each breath in the warmth of God’s light.  It is there.  He is there.

Grace and peace to you.