I spent the weekend with my kids and had a fantastic time.  Being away from them is the hardest thing I’ve ever known.  Being with them is an incredible joy.  One of the new, fun things of life is being chauffeured by my daughter.  I always imagined having my kids driving would be similar to electro-shock therapy to the nerves but I am completely comfortable with my eldest at the wheel.

I hear Steven Hawking has come out with a new book disproving God had anything to do with the creation of the world.  I may have to read it just to understand this man but I certainly think he needs my/our prayers.  I firmly believe God created the world which means I firmly believe in the existence of God.  Maybe, when I die, I’ll find out I was wrong in my beliefs and that I’m just dead.  If that’s the case, how much better is that than figuring out the God Hawking doesn’t appear to believe in is waiting to visit with him?  I hope Mr. Hawking will have a change of heart.

I think I would like the news better if it only talked about all the bad stuff and didn’t do a weather report.  At least I know all the bad stuff is true.  Just one more reason I seldom watch the news anymore.

I really don’t want to talk Rangers today.  How about Boise State?  I’m a fan.  It was good to see Texas beat Rice.  I was worried about that one.  Ha.  Yea for TCU.  I hope they have another undefeated season and make the BCS folks squirm. 

I really missed being at my church on Sunday.  I’m blessed with an incredibly loving family there and miss them when I’m not there.  It is a church that is developing day-by-day, more-and-more, into the body Christ intended.  I believe that because not being there feels like part of my body is missing, something that I rely on is not there to rely on. 

Grace and peace to you.