I’m headed to the Ranger game tomorrow night.  I think Cliff Lee is supposed to be on the bump and I’m hoping for a great performance and some run support. 

I’ll be wearing the same thing I’ve worn to the last 13 games – all wins for the Rangers.  They really should hook me up with a suite.  I’ve bought in to the baseball superstitions but it’s all in good fun.

I can wear the same thing when the Longhorns play and they lose to UCLA.  Drives me crazy.

I told someone the other day I’m going all Purple Reign/Rain from here on out.  I’m cheering for:
Prince (it’s a long story)

I caught a bit of a video about an abortion survivor on Facebook today.  I’m going to try and remember to check it out and learn more about the young lady and might post it here.  Assuming it’s all legit – WOW! – a powerful story.

Francis Chan is becoming one of my favorite people.  I don’t know the man but he’s not afraid to call Christians out to a higher standard than what I typically see and live myself.  I get to hear him speak next week and I’m getting jazzed about that. 

I’ve got a lot of friends in pain right now.  Some of the stories are known, some are not.  If you are looking for something to pray for today, just lift my friends up to God.  He’ll know what you are talking about and I hope it will bring a little more peace to their lives.

Grace and peace to you.