I live in a time and place that is unbelievable.  We have so much living in America.  I take for granted so many things that I have access to as if it is just a normal way of life.  How about you?

How thankful are you for clean water?  In October I was fortunate enough to hear Scott Harrison’s story in person.  It is fascinating to hear how he decided to use his life to help others.  Scott’s Story

I was moved by what Harrison had to say and moved by his efforts to sustain what he started.  One of Charity Water’s efforts is birthday giving – people sign up and ask their friends to give money to Charity:Water instead of to the birthday person.  Guess what?  I have a birthday coming up next month and I’m asking you to consider giving.  Just $1.  If you want to give more, great.  It’s an incredible ministry and I will be supporting it on a continuing basis and hope you will consider it.  If you feel so moved, follow this link and you can donate and help people in 3rd world countries be thankful for clean water that doesn’t make them sick and doesn’t kill them.

Support clean drinking water for my birthday!

Whether you give or not, please offer up a prayer for people who have little, if any, of the things we take for granted.  Clean water.  Food.  Clothes.  Love.

Grace and peace to you.
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