That’s sort of how I feel after this week.

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I remember now why I don’t like Las Vegas.  It’s crowded.  It’s loud.  It’s bright.  It’s noisy.  There is lots of smoke.  Lots of smoke.  I always think I would like to go when I’m not working just to take in some shows and sights I miss when I’m on the go but then I think, if I never go back it will be soon enough.  Our booths looked good, the Cowboy/Country Christmas events were cool to see, the cabbies loved the cowboys being there because they were busy and the rodeo was impressive.  It was good seeing some folks I haven’t seen in awhile and catching up with friends old and new. 

I came back with a massive sinus headache and sore throat.  Lots of meds and some sleep yesterday seemed to help but there is still a way to go to feeling great.  It’s one place where the smoke certainly didn’t help me.  Yuck.

Someone mentioned Christmas is just around the corner.  Can it be?  I’m not prepared. 

I love stories where people have had a problem and something triggered an event that brought them to a place with God where He could work in their hearts.  I just heard one and it’s brightened my day.  I’ve had my own and I believe I have more to come because I see where I have some barriers in my relationship, I’m just not surrendering my will yet.  But I believe I will.

Grace and peace to you.