Sometimes, it’s good when you know the policeman who pulls you over.  Whew.

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My birthday is this month and I’ve been posting information on Facebook about my effort to help Charity:Water ( raise $500.  That’s a drop in the bucket for what they are trying to accomplish but a start.  I was able to hear the founder share his story in October as was moved by what he is doing.  He mentioned a fundraising program they started to “give your birthday to charity:water” and I decided to go along.  If you would like to give, go to this link ( and you can donate and they will send you a tax receipt.  And thank you for considering it.  If you can’t give now, please pray that this will continue to be a successful effort and go to their website to read more about what they are doing.

Clean water.  Taken for granted by many.  Needed by so many.

Grace and peace to you.