Auburn won the National Championship with a QB who is accused of being the best that money can buy and a defensive lineman known for taking cheap shots at other players during the game and I was still rooting for them.  There may be need for some introspection.  🙂
Someone asked me yesterday what I thought about all the Muslim activity going on in the U.S.  I’m clueless. 
I suppose I should be more concerned but I have some odd beliefs and worrying about the Muslims isn’t going to help anything.  I think there is some pain and turmoil coming our way and I think our society has been too complacent for far too long to turn the tide.  That’s all I’ll say for now because the rest of the story gets really bizarre.
If you think that is bizarre, you should spend a day in my head.  The things that pass through there…
It would be great if love ruled the world.
I have started counting the number of times each day I or someone else makes a judgment on another party without knowing any facts (I suppose I could be accused of judging others who are making judgment calls on someone else but it is not my intention.  Merely a learning tool for me about how bad I am about doing it).  It’s astonishing.  I’m trying hard to quit labeling people and quit applying my (ignorant) conceptions of them and their actions and just love them for who they are.  I hope it gets easier over time.
Let’s end on a happy note.  Pitchers and catchers report to Surprise in about a month!  Go Rangers!

Grace and peace to you.

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