I resort to random thoughts.
I need to read through James again.
I need to spend a lot of time in Romans. 
I have some things I want to say about yesterday’s post but the words aren’t coming out in clear thoughts.  That happens often in a crazy mind like mine.
I was at the Mavs game Tuesday night.  There was a group in front of us that we have decided included some strip joint owners and their employees.  The girl in front of us had a shirt on that said “Stay classy, Dallas.”  She was wearing low-rise jeans, a high-rise t-shirt and no underwear.  You can see where this is going.  We spent at least a quarter of the game with a tramp stamp and her bottom in clear view.  Yes, by all means, stay classy Dallas. 
Blake Griffin is a beast.  He plays for the LA Clippers.  His body is chiseled and he can jump to the moon.  If he hadn’t played for Zero University, I could cheer for him more.
I got this texted to me: “Always remember that Goliath was a 40 point favorite over David.”  We never know what God will do through us, do we?  I need to learn to trust Him completely, every day.
James 4:10 popped on my screen today.  I need to remember to live more humbly in submission to the Lord’s will for my life.  Too often, I go out to chart my own course and forget to remind myself to be open to His hand at work in my life for that day.
On the other hand, many days I walk out completely open to His desire and with a pretty blank slate of my own.  While not perfected, I am getting better, day-by-day, at listening for Him.
I’m growing closer to God.  That gives me peace.  And joy.

Grace and peace to you.

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