I’m having troubles with Blogger posting my blogs when I want my blogpost posted. 
Charlie Sheen has gone off the rails.  I’ve seen a couple of interviews and heard some of the insanity.  The guy has some issues.  No doubt.
The Rangers could have overpaid for Zack Greinke.  Milwaukee got him and he’s out 4-6 weeks with a broken rib from playing basketball. 
I’m flying to Phoenix, AZ on Saturday and spending a few days hanging out in Surprise.  I don’t think I’ll get signed to a 7-figure contract. 
This is one of those blogs that some people will read thinking something of value is coming only to get to the end and realize it was a few minutes of their life they will never get back.
I hate to see young people suffering.
I bounce between laughter and anger at people who are antagonistic for no good reason.
You may still be thinking there will be something of value coming.  Dream on.
March Madness is around the corner.  I think it’s my favorite sporting time of year and my favorite sporting event.  I’ll miss the Big 12 tournament while in Surprise, AZ trying to get signed to the big money contract. 
What’s up with the Miami Heat? 

Enough of that.  I am thankful for good friends who I can trust and who trust me.  God provides.

Grace and peace to you.
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