As I write this, I’ve just finished preparing the Wednesday Bible study at work from Frances Chan’s Crazy Love.  This week we covered the chapter titled “Serving Leftovers to a Holy God” and it has convicted me again that I so often go through my day focused primarily on me and a little on God.  The Holy God.

I really want to be a better son and a better disciple.  I really want people to see my faith in my life, in my actions.  I really want to give God all that I have, the very best of me, each day and all day.  I know his mercy and grace cover me, I know his love for me abounds but I simply want to return love to him, to let him know that I cherish being his child more than anything else, to live boldly and be a light shining in this world to glorify him.

I want to live for God’s glory, I want to be light in a dark world, I want to give God all that I have.  That is my prayer.

Grace and peace to you.
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