I’m back to Chapter 8 of Crazy Love, the chapter about what it might look like to be obsessed with loving God.  It’s my favorite chapter.  It’s a challenging chapter for me.  It’s an encouraging and motivating chapter for me.  I can’t wait to start studying it in our Bible study at work on Wednesday.  

I wonder how God feels when I’m more upset by a call the umpire makes than I am by the people living under a bridge with little to eat.
I wonder how God feels when I buy enough clothes to wear for 3 weeks without wearing the same thing twice never thinking about the person wearing the same thing day in and day out.
I wonder how God feels when I dream of building a big, comfortable house while people are living in the woods on good weather nights and under a semi-trailer on bad weather nights.  
I know all the arguments.  Those people don’t want to find a job.  Those people are willing to take whatever they can get for free.  Those people drink too much, do drugs too much, have put themselves in that position.  
I can make the argument but I wonder why Jesus doesn’t make that argument when he tells me to take care of the poor, the hungry, the naked…the least of these.  Jesus doesn’t tell me to make judgments about their intentions, to qualify them or to be more worried about catching someone cheating than just trusting in his goodness and guidance.  
I want to live more obsessed with what God is calling me to do in his kingdom.
Grace and peace to you.