I got this letter from a ministry I support recently.

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Dear Jeff:

The death of the world’s #1 public enemy evokes a range of emotions.  Relief that one menace is gone.  Pride at the skill and determination of those responsible for executing justice.  Sorrow over a soul gone to hell and all those souls he took with him.  Hope for a more peaceful world, yet aware of the sobering reality that the world is still a dangerous place because we are all of a fallen breed…mankind.

One thing to note: The power of one individual.  So far one individual has cost us $1.3 trillion and over 5,000 American lives in his pursuit.  And trillions more lost to the Global economy by him and his followers’ actions.

Conversely, one person named Moody shared the love and life of Christ with ten million people.  Because one person told him about the Gospel of Christ.  One person named Carey ignited the modern missions movement.  One preacher named Graham…

And on it goes…

You can have that kind of influence for good and eternity by praying and going with us.  Or giving through us to reach people for Christ.  You may turn the next Osama into the next Dwight, William or Billy.  Imagine your opportunity to impact this world for good, forever!

Now, the first paragraph may be a little too flag-waving for my taste but what struck me was the idea of what I can do to change the world forever.  If someone is out there reading this, it’s about what you can do to change the world.  Forever.  Will I answer the call?  Will you?

Grace and peace to you.