I took Wendell and Preston home from church yesterday.  We had a good visit on the way with Wendell doing most of the talking and Preston cracking a few jokes at Wendell’s expense along the way.  I heard about how good Preston had slept the night before and their fascination that the hotel they were in had a phone in the bathroom.  They couldn’t figure that one out.  When we pulled up, they unloaded their stuff and got to take a brisket, beans, potato salad, cookies and cupcakes with them.  Not a bad haul!

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The hard part of the whole thing was dropping them off because they are staying under a large tree that provides a good bit of shade with the Texas heat in the 90’s to 100 degrees.  They’ve been run off a few times because it’s close to an office building and they don’t hang out there much during the week.  Preston wouldn’t let me pull up in the parking lot close to the tree because he didn’t want anyone to notice them getting out there if possible.  I left them there with some food, a little money and the knowledge that I was headed back to a comfortable place to live, air conditioning, a job that provides all I need and a reminder that I am blessed and that God is hoping I’ll share some of what he has provided for me. 

Oh Lord, let Wendell and Preston and Mike be forever present in my mind so that when I start wanting this or that, I’ll remember my friends who live under a tree with the clothes on their back and their appreciation for their bikes and their backpacks.  I pray you’ll be with them and let them know you are with them always, that you love them completely and that this world and it’s sufferings are only temporary.  Open my eyes to see what you want me to see so I may serve how you want me to serve. 

Grace and peace to you.