It seems so often in life there is a fine line between so many things.  I’ve often tried to find the line and see how close I could get to it before crossing and there have been many times I’ve blatantly stepped across it without much concern for where my path was headed.  Maybe the things I think are co-existing on a fine line really have a chasm separating them and I just can’t see it…but it’s the way I see it at the moment.

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Yesterday, I was reminded that there is a fine line between using the word of God to build up and strengthen and using the word of God to be the judge of another person’s heart and actions.  I was handed a Bible and asked to read a scripture by someone who doesn’t know me or my heart or my burning desire to know God better.  I was handed the Bible and asked to read the scripture because this man thought it would convict me of something he thinks I’m very wrong about and that he wanted to call me out, in his own way, to come around to his way of thinking.  Now, I’m completely open that he may be right and I may be wrong in the sense that it is something I will pray about and ask for God’s direction, but today I don’t feel I am crossing any lines with God.  I’m also open to the fact that he is convicted by what he believes and in that sense I appreciate he would share his concern for me.  On the other hand, I do not appreciate how it was done or the fact that he doesn’t appear to want to know anything about me and my thoughts on the matter. 

The most telling part of the morning to me was this – as soon as I knew he was there, I knew he would confront me and I immediately prayed that God would simply hold my tongue and I would remain silent.  I didn’t want to get in a verbal battle and I didn’t want to go into collision mode (meaning I would collide with him like a jet propelled madman as I’m apt to do at times), I just wanted to be silent and let God work in that moment, whether on him or on me.  I had the strength of restraint that came from something greater than me and in that moment I was confident I was turning my heart and mind over to God. 

I know the day will come when this man will approach me again to share his views and I believe I will be fully prepared to answer him with what I am convicted God is revealing to me and in that space, I’ll pray that God speaks to us both to know him better, to hear his desire for our lives and to live in either agreement or disagreement with the knowledge that each of us will seek God to furthest reaches of our being. 

Grace and peace to you.