Does life mimic soap operas or do soap operas mimic life?

I think I can find more villains in real life than I can in a TV show.  
I’m a bit grumpy right now.  I think it’s based on a phone call I had today.  
“Can’t we just all get along?” – Rodney King (social genius)  🙂
I prefer to focus on the Texas Rangers right now.  They don’t cause me to go deep.  They don’t cause me to explore pain.  They don’t cause me to cry out to God to open my eyes and my heart and to remove my anger and hatred.  It appears they are headed to the playoffs.  I draw for my playoff tickets on Thursday and will be accepting bids on Friday.  ALDS and ALCS tickets will need to start with 5 figures before the decimal.  World Series tickets will need to start at 6 figures before the decimal.  I’m not sure anyone is willing to pay that much but, if you are, I’ll find a place to watch the game.  
Rick talked about hope on Sunday.  As he talked I thought about how flippantly I use the word “hope” so often.  I hope the iPhone 5 will be ready soon.  I hope I can get a new truck or Mercedes soon (I need those ticket prices to be high to support my style of living), I hope I have a good day.  I have hope for things that don’t last and as I thought about it, I thought about the song that goes, “my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.”  We ended up singing the song but I hadn’t looked at the program so I just thought the song leader and me where the great minds thinking alike.  Anyhoo, hope built on Jesus’ blood is a bit deeper and broader and weightier than an iPhone 5.  I want my hope to be about much, much more than things of this world.  I want to focus on and live in that deep and broad and weighty hope that marks my eternity.
Grace and peace to you.