It’s been a weekend of reminders and something I needed to be reminded of.  I have been given many gifts and sometimes the gift is taken away.  It’s in those moments I make a choice – will I resent losing the gift or will I be thankful for the time I had? 

Anger, resentment, despair, hopelessness, loneliness…all emotions that are normal and reasonable to a point but there is another point when these emotions become weapons of destruction.

Last night I had to make a choice.  Do I hang on to resentment for a gift that I was having to give up for a time or do I want to given thanks and rejoice for the hours I was able to spend with these gifts?  It is so easy for me to wallow in the pain and hurt but I don’t want to live that way. 

Some gifts are mine forever and some are mine for just a season.  Will I let the loss of a gift cause me to simply focus on what I’ve lost and forget about the eternal gifts I have? 

Nothing in this world is forever.  It’s a temporary place and I need to be reminded to treat it that way. 

In doing so, I can rejoice for the time I’ve had and know that a better day is still ahead.

Grace and peace to you.