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Rich Little, in his sermon last Sunday, referenced a ranch in Australia that was so big it wasn’t realistic to put up fences.  While some would worry their cattle would wander off, the rancher realized that the cattle wouldn’t go far from a well that provided them water and that’s how he keeps them home.
Rich went on to make an analogy that our churches should be the same.  We don’t need things that divide us (fences) in our churches, we need water – the Living Water – the water that anyone can drink and not go thirsty.  If our churches are fountains of this well, we won’t need to fear people wandering off because it’s something essential they need.
Our disputes over music, communion, men, women, meeting times, meeting places…you can keep filling in the blanks…are not essential to knowing the love of God and being drawn to him.  The living water, the fountain of life, the truth and the way, that is what is essential and that is what can bring us to the same place.
Grace and peace to you.