I was watching World News Tonight Sunday evening and they did a story on the peanut butter meals provided by organizations like MANA and UNICEF.  I like MANA because I believe they are trying to do more than simply feed the physical but it where they start and something that is urgently needed in parts of the world.

I was blessed recently to be asked by a friend to speak at her business periodically to some of her managers.  It’s something I love doing and I told her I would do it and didn’t want to be paid.  This friend can be insistent so I told her I would do it if she made a donation to a charity I would suggest each time we met and she agreed.  Cool deal all the way around.  So, my first charity was MANA and I hope she and I can work together to help fund many more good efforts in the future.  
I’d encourage you to donate also.  MANA
Grace and peace to you.