Roll Tide.  I became a closet ‘Bama fan when Gene Stallings coached the team.  When Nick Saban showed up I became a fan of some other team but I have trouble cheering for LSU.  Those people are crazy but the team is really, really good.  Until Monday night.  I talked to a guy who refereed the first game between the two and said Alabama would win a rematch.  So it was.  Truthfully, I can’t get too excited about any SEC team winning because I have to listen to all the SEC talk.  Maybe I’ll become a Vanderbilt fan in the end.  Good job Alabama.  Congratulations.

I’m in Abilene, Texas, up too late, waiting on the snow to come.  I’m spending a week here in a Residency session for my Masters program.  Today was intense and tomorrow and the following days are supposed to be more in-depth.  There are lots of role playing opportunities which I hate but can muddle through.  I still love the program, love what I’m learning and excited about what the future might hold when I’ve completed this program.
John 16:33 tells me there will be plenty of opportunities for conflict resolution.  My life is proof.  It simply makes me ask God to help me through this day and to send his son with haste.  Until then, use me Lord.
Grace and peace to you.