First, let me say that I have written two good blogs that come up as gobbley-goop and it’s making me want to get the baseball bat out.  One of them was what I thought to be the best post I’d ever written and how I wish I could remember how I said what I said.  Oh well…back to mediocrity…

I’m stealing a tweet from Josh Ross to use as the basis of my post.  “Words like restore, redeem, reconcile and renew indicate a prior condition that was good.  We were created in God’s image.”
I’m using that in a lesson I’m teaching in June because the idea of being created in God’s image has been something I have learned to grow on over the past few years.  I bring Genesis 1:27 up in many, many conversations with people because they, like me, have this feeling we can not do enough, be good enough, not whatever enough and I never thought of myself as being made in God’s image.  
I have heard so many conversations about self-esteem, self-image, self, self, self that I think I became conditioned to always look at myself the way others saw me.  Now, I just want to point others to God when my appearance (in whatever fashion) comes into the conversation.  When I’m living right and doing things to help people, I want to point to God and give him glory as my Creator.  When I’m living wrong and doing things that hurt my relationship with God, I want to point to God and give him the the glory as my Redeemer and Savior.  I don’t want people to see Jeff, to see my image, to see my self-esteem, to see my brilliance and greatness (quit laughing at that last part), I want them see a reflection of God and nothing more.
Grace and peace to you.