Some of my good friends seem to believe Obama’s reelection means the sky is falling.  Others seem to believe that Obama’s reelection means good Christians should spew hate filled talk and writing.  Some seem to think we will all go broke.  That Mexicans and Muslims will take over the country.  That abortion will become even more accepted.  Now, a petition exists for Texas to secede.

I see and hear all of this and keep wanting to ask, “so, how will Obama’s victory and all these fears cause you to not fulfill God’s plan for your life?”  I’m a pessimist by nature, always looking for the negative so I can prepare for the worst.  I don’t see it as a problem because I’m prepared for bad times and can really enjoy the good times.  That bit of trivia aside, I suppose I believe this country is getting what it has sown.

For years, our society has celebrated our prosperity.  God has blessed us!  Really?

So many Christians groan about Roe v. Wade and spend their money at movies full of sexual innuendo and skin or watching TV shows that celebrates unGodly living and then wonder why our children are getting pregnant.  Other Christians complain about drug use but have affairs, look at porn, or spend their time gossiping about what someone else is doing.  Good Christians who have received God’s mercy and grace talk negatively about the homeless and our neighbors from the south coming into our land with little, if any, grace and mercy to spare.

All the while, so many in the church and outside of it keep celebrating our prosperity.  God has blessed us.  Really?

We reap what we sow.  Karma.  What goes around, comes around.

You’re surprised Obama was reelected?  Come on and climb out from under your rock.  Open your eyes.  Look and listen to what is happening.  God has blessed us with prosperity but who are we blessing with all that we have?  The church in Acts 2:42 sold all they had and shared with anyone who had need.  How often do you see that happen in your church today?  Not every person who needs money needs it to buy booze so why are so many so skeptical?  What if God hadn’t given us Jesus on the cross?  Then, what if he lumped us all in with other sinners because we asked for mercy?

The sky isn’t falling but God just might be asking us to wake up, look around and act more like His son.  Afterall, we reap what we sow so who do we want to imitate the most?

Give me Jesus.

Grace and peace.