Our society views ambition as a positive thing, something that shows the good in people.  Tim Ross, a Pastor for Gateway Church spoke about ambition at the RightNow Conference last week and it wasn’t in the good sense our culture attaches to the concept.

Tim had some great quotes I’ll add in but the overall thought of his talk was that our ambition is often that, “ours”, and not God’s will or desire for us.  Ambition leads us to do, do more, and more, until all we do is do and there is no room left for God, no room left for Sabbath, no room left for right direction.

“Sometimes we can have a list of things to do for God that He did not intend to do through us” was one of the quotes from Tim that really struck me.  For so many years I have been running hard trying to please people because I thought that is what God wanted me to do.  After a couple of serious crash-and-burn episodes, I now realize that God wanted me to listen to Him more and to myself less.

Another comment from Tim, “Ambition has to be something to be stamped out before God’s will can be put in” drove the above point home with me.  I want to learn to be more ambitious about one thing, knowing God’s will for my life, to learn to hear Him, to wait on Him, and to go when and where He calls me.

I want my ambition to simply be God’s desire and plan for me.  Ephesians 2:10

Grace and peace.