Jesus came to be a political leader, right?  Oh, OK.  Well, He came to be an example of proper political ruling, right?  Oh, OK.  Well then, He was an advisor to political campaigns, right?  Really, none of those?

I think one reason I am so far removed from my old interest in politics is because of any talk that God is into politics.  Would Jesus have voted for Mitt?
I don’t know.  I’m not sure Jesus would have even voted based on the amount of time he didn’t talk about politics.  That said, here are a few suggestions to help us all be better Christians regardless of who holds the office of President.

Let me suggest that abortion isn’t a legislative issue but a heart issue.  Would Jesus ask the government to change their ruling on abortion or would He ask His followers to love more, show more grace, be more compassionate and treat people with much more respect?  Can you imagine someone Jesus came in contact with having an abortion after being in the presence of His love?  I think He has called us to be like Him.

Let me suggest that our focus should be on the poor and downtrodden more than on our tax rate.  Jesus didn’t call us to create jobs and save more, He called us to help those who needed help.  The church in Acts 2:42 didn’t teach better financial planning, they sold all they had and gave to those in need.  What did God tell His people when he sent the manna they needed?  Those who tried to save more than their daily allotment found maggots in it the next day.

Let me suggest we should spend more time with people of opposing viewpoints than arguing against them.  Jesus didn’t hang out at the country club with the people who voted like He did.  He was with the sinners, the poor, the lame and blind.  No, I am not suggesting that one party is full of sinners, poor, lame and blind.  For those who think that, be wary you are not in the party that is full of pride (that leads to destruction).  We can argue with people or we can love them.  What do you see in Jesus’ actions?

Let me suggest the breakdown of the family unit isn’t caused by the allowance of gay marriage or any other rule by government or legislative entities.  The breakdown of our home stems more from the TV shows we spend time watching, the movies we spend time watching, the computers we spend time on, the committees we invest in our time in and many other time killers while the Bible goes unread and unstudied in the home, prayers are not said in the home and Jesus isn’t discussed much or modeled in the home.

Let me suggest this is not a Christian nation.  Who said it was in the first place?  Certainly not God and He is the authority, right?  Look at what goes on in this nation of ours and tell me what is so Christian about it.  The number of homeless?  The number of oversized houses?  The number of poor?  The number of wealthy?  I think China may be more of a Christian nation than the USA is today.  Who looks more like the Christians in the Bible, those who thank God for the freedom to worship or those who worship knowing they may be killed for their choices?  Sobering.

Let me suggest politics is not the problem in our country.  The lack of love, the lack of understanding, the lack of mercy, the lack of grace, the lack of patience, the lack of compassion – these are the issues that has our country in the state it is in today.

If you are living a life that looks like Christ, I commend you.  I am still working on it and all the things written above have or do apply to me.  I am a work in progress and I am asking daily that God permeate every inch of me day by day so that I can look more like His son and less like the person I have been for so many years.  God wants so much more for me and for everyone in this country.  I hope we all grab hold of His vision.

Grace and peace.