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I know people who want total control over their lives (and over the lives of people around them in some cases) and when they don’t have it, become combative, defensive, offensive, mean.  Others become depressed and withdrawn.  Others just keep going faster and faster on a journey to complete flame-out.

I can control one thing and that is how much trust I will put in God.

I’m in a position where the world says I need to be worried, frenetic, and busy.  The world has had some influence because I have given in to all of these things.  At the same time, God tells me he has plans for me (Ephesians 2:10) and if I am to believe that, I should have peace and optimism about what the future holds.

I find it interesting to watch the reaction of Christians when I tell them that I am trusting God, that I am using this time to rest and recover from the busy-oholic life I have been living.  It does not mean I am not working to change my position.  After all, faith without works is dead, right?  However, while I work I am putting more faith in God to open the right doors and I am praying that God does more than I can imagine in this time.

I’m getting some rest (I still haven’t learned to slow down enough to appreciate Sabbath), my health is getting better and my mind is starting to work like it used to again.  I credit this to faith.  To letting controlling what I can and giving control of what I cannot do to God.  I want to be out of control and for Him to be in control.

Grace and peace.