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“Go and make disciples of all nations…” – Matthew 28-19a

We are told to go.  Not invite.  Not expect people to show up.  Not wait on folks.  Go!

I’ve been thinking about how churches equip people to use their talents and passions to reach others and one of the things I notice is that many churches don’t equip the body.  The plan programs that will draw others into the church.  Jesus said, “go”, not build a program or event.

I AM NOT SAYING PROGRAMS ARE ALL BAD.  I wanted to be clear on that point.  However, starting programs without first equipping the body to go seems counter to what Jesus said to his disciples.  The older I get and the more I want to help other people succeed, the more I see the need to equip people to succeed.

Bible classes are good but they need to equip people to go teach.  Helping the poor by bringing them to events at church are good but the church needs to equip it’s body to go to where the poor exist.  Benevolence is good but the body needs to be ready to go where those who have nothing live.  Feeding the homeless at the church building is a noble effort but preparing people to go into the streets and creek banks and woods where the homeless exist follows the dictates of “go!”

As I sort through many challenges of my life, one of the things I will be aware of is how I am being equipped to go and what role I have in helping others to go.

Grace and peace.