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I’m an introvert.  It’s true.  Myers-Brigg confirmed what I had known all along.  I don’t like going to parties.  I don’t like wading into crowds of people.  I don’t like going to conferences and meetings.  I live on 2 acres covered in trees so I can hide from people.  My confusion comes into play because I love building relationships, talking to people one-on-one, learning about them and finding ways to encourage them.

I was talking to a headhunter the other day about my job search.  He was geared up to get me in their system and then I told him about where I am in the search right now.  Negotiating with one company, waiting to hear if there’s a fit with another company, flying to California this weekend to meet the owners of another company, talking to a venture capital company today and a potential visit with another company in the next couple of weeks.  He was interested how I had so many conversations if I wasn’t using a headhunter (or “job placement company”).  I explained all the connections were through friends and colleagues I had built relationships with over time who were recommending me and putting me in front of these people.

I would be happy spending the rest of today at home, talking to no one but I’m equally happy about the lunch meeting I’m headed to and the 3 other visits I have planned today with friends and a former employee to talk, encourage, plan and dream.  I am truly a confused introvert.

Grace and peace.