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I wonder if I could have count the number of things I wish I had not done had I been able to see what the results would be before I made the choice.  Would I be looking for a job?  Would I be divorced?  Would I be out of shape or have diabetes?  Would I deal with the fear I have?  Would I have the kids I have?  Would I have the connection of friends I have?  Would I have the hope I have?

The DJ’s who pulled the prank on the nurse in England may have rethought their actions if they had known the outcome.  They called and pretended to be the Queen of England checking on her daughter-in-law who was dealing with a recent illness related to her pregnancy.  After the prank was broadcast worldwide, the nurse killed herself leaving children, family and friends behind crushed.

I wish I had the gift of foresight but I do not.  The mistakes I have made and can see more clearly now certainly lead me to take a longer look at some decisions I make yet there are still things I do off the cuff that could lead to negative consequences.  I pray often to see what God wants me to see yet I feel so blind so much of the time.  I find myself wondering if a decision is something I really think God is leading me to or is there something else driving the decision.

While I doubt I will live out my days making the right choice every time but I do have the gift of hindsight, a teacher of experience, that can help me in making better decisions in the future.

I had an uncle who told me that “a jackass with an eyeball in his a**hole can see 20/20 backwards.”  Well, I don’t have a third eyeball nor do I want to be considered a jackass so I must learn from my past and be filled with hope for the future.  The worst decision is making no decision but that is often the draw because it won’t hurt.  I don’t know why the choice often comes down to feeling good or feeling hurt but it’s the challenge of life.  I can easily be led to disengage instead of choosing and risking the outcome.

Today, I hope hindsight will lead me to make better choices but to not fear making a choice and moving forward with hope and courage.

Grace and peace.