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It has been reported that the two candidates for President in 2012 spent around 2 billion dollars.  $2,000,0000,000.  That’s a lot of zeroes and that’s a lot of money that could be spent in so many ways that would result in something better than the same (or a new) President.

I recently read a blog that stated the average income in the U.S. is a bit over $50,000.  What would happen if $2 billion was spread among all the households in the U.S. making less than $50,000?  What would happen if it was used to fund rehabilitation and training programs for the homeless?

We are criticized for not exercising our right to vote.  We are reminded that people sacrificed their lives for our freedom to choose our leaders.  I just wonder what those people would think if they new we were spending 2 billion dollars to get it done.  How about we not exercise our right to vote if the candidates spend more than the average household income?

Let’s spend more money where it is needed, where it builds people up, where it gives someone a chance they didn’t have before, where it helps someone who is struggling.

Our political system makes me sick.  I did vote this year but, once again, I did not vote for anyone I support but only for someone I thought was the better of two choices.  I would propose the greatest country in the world shouldn’t have to spend 2 billion dollars for a “free election process” because that much money isn’t anywhere near free.

I am ranting and not offering any solutions.  I generally try to follow a rule of only bringing up a problem if I can offer a solution.  Maybe one day I’ll have a solution that I trust would work.  In the meantime, I’ll rant and hope for people smarter than me to be creative and help this country truly help itself.