Being present.  Living in the present moment.  Appreciating today.  These ideas are very difficult for me.  On one hand, I live for the present moment and appreciate the opportunities that often come along with being present in the present moment.  Yet, it seems I am often forced into the role because I’m more concerned with tomorrow and the day after that and the days beyond that.

I am currently living in gift of taking time to enjoy what the present moment offers.  It’s a gift because it is something I have longed for – time without constraints of where I must be or what I must do.  So, how have I handled the gift?  Simply by trying my hardest to fill up the time.  Meeting people for breakfast, lunch and dinner, reading things that may lead to something more important down the road, worrying about what the future holds.  None of these things (other than worry I suppose) are bad in and of themselves when done for the right reasons.  However, when I’m doing it simply to fill space or because of what it will lead to, I’m afraid I am missing the point of the gift.

I hope as I write this post that my own words are calling me to appreciate the gift for the remaining days it is available because inevitably things will change and I will be forced back into a more routine, possibly more chaotic, environment.  I want to learn to live better in the present moment, to appreciate what this moment offers me whether it is rest or the opportunity to learn or build relationships – but to do so appreciating it for now and not how it will affect other outcomes down the road.

Time is so precious and a gift I have wasted over and over.  I am praying that I will not take the rest of this day for granted or let it be filled with guilt for what I do or don’t do, but to simply appreciate it for what it is.

Grace and peace.