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Where is God?  It’s the easy question to ask after what just happened in Newtown, Connecticut.  Where is God?

Some would say our problems start with prayer not being a part of the daily school routine.  Really?  I would say that God IS in schools when He is in in the heart and actions of those in the schools.  I would say that prayer exists in schools when believers take the time to pray – alone or with group of people.

I can’t help but wonder how many people railing against prayer being taken out of school allow their children to spend their time on the X-Box and PS3 playing Call of Duty or Hitman or Grand Theft Auto.  Where is God in that?  Where is God in spending hours on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest?  Where is God on HBO or TNT or most of the network channels?  Where is God in the lyrics of so many of the songs being played over and over.

I am not saying that any of these activities are bad in and of themselves (well, some of the video games are over the top, song lyrics are reprehensible and TV shows full of smut) and some of these things offer opportunities for fellowship where God can be exalted (think Duck Dynasty on A&E!).

The point is, God is wherever we invite Him to be.  God is in our midst whether we are reading the Bible or overindulging at the bar.  God is in our midst whether times are great and we don’t really need him or we are confused and baffled over why 20 children are murdered and we don’t know why He didn’t prevent it.  God is always in our presence.  The question may be do we always seek God so that we can live in His presence?

Grace and peace.