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I feel less like taxing my brain today than I normally do…

This Mayan calendar thing.  As a Christian I don’t get worked up about it because I’m ready for the second coming.  I don’t care whether Mayans have it right because we won’t be around to worry about it.  On the other hand, if the world ends tomorrow I will be a little disgruntled I spent so much time in crowds Christmas shopping.

Wind.  Good heavens, it is blowing like crazy in Decatur, TX.  Last night I was driving through a dust storm.  Today, part of the wall on my shed is gone.

I’m an Advocare guy.  I don’t promote it but I like their products and buy it for my son and I primarily.  Today I saw this video and I’m liking the idea…http://www.advocare.com/canyou24/

I just sold a watch on EBay.  After the auction closes, the winner shoots me a message and asks if I will retract his offer.  He said his wife was bidding on another watch and won so he doesn’t need this one.  Uh, hello?  Now he’s a ghost and I’ve got to drag EBay into the fray.  Frustrating.

I used to watch a lot of college basketball.  A LOT.  The only time I’ve watched a full game in the last two years is during March Madness.  What’s happened to me?

I’ve started making sausage balls for the kids to eat.  They love them and, well, I do too.  I made the biggest batch I’ve ever attempted a few nights ago.  When the timer went off, I decided I needed to leave them in for 2 more minutes.  I didn’t reset the timer.  10 minutes later the smell reminded me I had not taken them out.  Oops.

Take out Mexican food is never as good at eat-in Mexican food.  I’m not counting fast food restaurants in that statement.

I’m still heartbroken over the Newtown, CT tragedy.  I watched a bit of President Obama’s comments on his new task force and hope something happens that will limit these incidents.  While I don’t agree with everyone else all the time, it is good that dialogue will start and I hope all the issues will be on the table to address.  A baseball blogger, Jamey Newberg, had a book release party last night with lots of auction items and has raised over $19,000 for the family of one of the girls killed in the school who have North Texas/Texas Rangers roots.  I cannot imagine losing one of my children like that.  I pray the Lord heals those families in ways that no mortal will ever be able to understand.

Grace and peace.