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The day I originally wrote this I was hoping to hear from someone very special to me.  It didn’t happen.  The sound of silence was deafening.

I find I often have noise going on around me.  The TV is playing in the background.  Sport radio is on.  I’m going somewhere in a hurry and stuffing more than I can do in a day into the day so I don’t stop, I don’t have anytime for the scary sound of silence.

Sometimes silence is scary because of what we might hear.  Other times it is scary because of what we do not hear.  Hearing something that calls us on the carpet, reopens old wounds or is news we don’t want to deal with is scary.  Not hearing from that special someone or waiting on someone to call back to talk about a job when I’m unemployed and money is running short leaves me wondering how important I am to them.

Silence can be a scary, scary thing yet it is something we must learn to deal with, learn to address, learn to accept and learn how to work through whatever comes from it.  I’m still learning.

Grace and peace.