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I read some quotes by a well known preacher spoken to those considering suicide.  I can only wonder if he truly understands their pain?  I have grown up hearing how people who commit suicide are selfish.  How they will burn in hell.  How they are this and that and nothing ever good.

Do you ever wonder what people who have committed suicide must have been thinking?  Battling?  Do you ever wonder what wounds they were carrying?  How they perceived the way people had treated them?

I realize this isn’t a pretty subject but I tend to approach things from the dark side so often.  My point is this, what am I doing today to show the love of Jesus to someone around me.  Someone who may be hurting so badly and so deeply that I can’t know it.  Or do I simply ignore it in my busyness?  How can I be the essence of love today?

You see, I believe the love of Christ can save anyone.  And, I believe we are called to be the love of Christ.

So, when I hear about someone committing suicide, I can only think they were not surrounded by the love of Christ.  Who’s fault is that?  No, I don’t take the blame for someone committing suicide.  Afterall, it was their choice in the end.  Yet, you won’t hear me talking about how selfish they are or where they will spend eternity.  In fact, I can’t help but wonder if Christ doesn’t surround them with the love they must have been missing while on this earth.  It’s a question I may never have an answer for.

The love of Christ saves.  The love of Christ can stop Newtown massacres.  The love of Christ can stop suicides.  The love of Christ can end wars.  The love of Christ has the power to end pain.

Oh Lord, let me show someone your love today.

Grace and peace.