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I hear Lance Armstrong is coming clean.  OK, who hasn’t heard about it unless they’ve been living in a cave?  This guy has done everything he could to deny the accusations that he was doping while competing in bicycle races.  Supposedly, he has threatened people, sued people, lied about people and who knows what else.  Armstrong is going to be analyzed, re-analyzed, psycho-analyzed and everything else you can think of.  Questions will be asked over and over why he did it and there will be so many reasons and ideas offered up by a lot of people who do not know the guy.  He will be cast as an evil person full of lies.  He will have more advice offered on how to live his life and more contempt showered on him than 1,000 people should have to endure.

Lance has all these problems and I look at this life and his lies and think “I’ve done so much more wrong, so much more evil, so much more hurtful acts” than Lance Armstrong could ever do.  Wow, what would happen if I had to go on Oprah and answer questions?  What if God gave her a list of questions to ask?  YIKES!

I hope Lance will come to know grace.  I don’t know what his thoughts on God are but I pray that Christ-followers will remember the grace that has been extended to them and will “forgive as God forgave you” (Colossians 3).

Grace is a beautiful thing.  It’s hard for me to accept but I still see the beauty in it.  I hope Lance Armstrong is overwhelmed with grace.  Not that he will have the bans removed or get anything back from what has been taken away, but that he can move forward and use his life story to move forward and help others.  Grace is a beautiful thing.

Grace and peace.