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When I look around, I can point out reasons I can be grateful.  I see Bart, Dennis, Jason, a couple of David’s, Kristen, Amy, Rick, Jacob…people who have spoke so many wonderful things into my mind and my heart.

While I was thinking about gratefulness last night, I thought about people I’d never met that I am grateful for, people who have contributed to me in some way even though they weren’t doing something specifically for me.

Sarah Young may be the most recent.  She wrote a book titled “Jesus Calling” and I have heard about it for some time but never cracked it open, even after owning it for several months.  Now, after following it almost daily this year, I try to understand why so many people enjoy a book written directly to me and my heart.  Wow.  Thanks Sarah.

I thought about the proverbial “10 people you would invite to a dinner party” thing and that got me thinking more.  First, I’d invite my two kids because a) they mean the world to me and b) I want them to hear from a few incredible people too.  Next, I think I’d invite Michael Hyatt (@MichaelHyatt and http://www.michaelhyatt.com).  I’ve never met him but he continues to influence my thoughts, ideas and desires about being a better communicator because he is a very good communicator and, he has the desire to help others communicate.  I would want to learn a few more things from him then hear how he communicates messages from the other at the party.  Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.  Men of peace.  Oh, how I long for peace and desire to be a peacemaker for others.  I want to hear about their dreams, the failures, what they’ve learned and what else they wish they could have accomplished.  The next five get tough.  There are a couple of preacher/pastor types I might invite.  There are a couple of friends I might invite.  If you know me, you know Nolan Ryan is probably going to be there to talk a little baseball.  I would also consider some unpopular choices.  Maybe a radical Muslim cleric who could try to explain why some people do the things they do.  There may be no point in arguing but, wow, what we could possibly learn to use to stem the tide of violence.  Ronald Reagan might get an invite.  Frances Chan would certainly be considered.

I digress.  The point is that I am grateful for the people who help me intentionally and the people who put themselves out there to help others they may never know.  They are admirable in their desire and effort.

Grace and peace.