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Yesterday was a holiday recognizing Martin Luther King, Jr.  He is a man I wish I had known and is one of those individuals I would invite to a dinner party if I could.  I’d love to hear more wisdom and dreams from him.  I would hope we would be allies.

The idea of “allies” came around after talking to someone who shared what a marriage counselor once told he and his wife.  They were struggling with their marriage at the time and the counselor looked at them and said, “you need to understand that you are not enemies, you are allies.”  His direct comment made them change the way they saw each other without even realizing what had happened at first.  They came to understand that they were allies in a battle against the force that wanted to destroy their marriage.  They were allies in fighting for something instead of letting something tear them apart.  Allies.  Engaged in battle.  Together.

I’m thankful for the allies who have helped me fight through tough times.  And, I realize my tough times are a walk in the park compared to what some people go through but they are the tough times that I know so I appreciate the people who battle with me.

Thank you God for good friends, for brothers and sisters who hold on to you while they are holding on to me.

Grace and peace.