I am sitting in Abilene, Texas today enjoying a beautiful West Texas sunrise and wondering how we got from the upper-70’s to the low-40’s with wind so quickly.

I’m here as part of my goal to become a peacemaker.  I enrolled in the Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution program and I’m almost to the finish line.  I love it.  For so long I have never been at peace but had the gift of helping other people reach peace.  I didn’t understand some of the why’s behind that until enrolling in this course.

I’m an introvert.  Many peacemakers (mediators, counselors, etc.) are introverts.  They enjoy building a relationship with just a few people and really diving deep.  I used to avoid conflict at all costs or simply accommodate the other person to get past the conflict and save the relationship.  Many peacemakers are avoiders/accommodators but desire to help others find resolution.  (Note: as I’ve taken this course and learned tools for better conflict resolution, my style is changing.  I still don’t like conflict but I’m learning to work in it better and be more assertive in finding the better answer that benefits and helps all parties.)

I could go to some others character and personality traits but I said what I did for me and I understand the rest well enough.  What I understand most is that I want to help others find peace in the midst of conflict.  I love this program and I pray that God is paving the way for me to serve Him as a peacemaker the remainder of my days.

More to come on peacemaking…

Grace and peace.