Monday night I got to hang out with a group of people who work together.  They laughed and talked and exhibited the camaraderie of a group who enjoys the company of each other and what they do day to day.  A good friend is the leader of the pack and invited me to join them for a night at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.  What a treat.  (Thanks to Lisa for the invite and if you buy boots, buy Justin Boots!)

As someone who is now traveling the consulting path, I find myself missing some of the interaction with co-workers.  I spend several days alone, working at home or having a free day.  Now, when I was working a regular job I longed for the days I could get away and have some peace and quiet.  Now that I have lots of peace and quiet, I kind of miss the back and forth of working with people.

So what does gratefulness have to do with all this?  Well, I’ve learned to be grateful for time and space I have got to experience.  I’ve learned to be grateful for my experiences with co-workers and what they have to offer.  I am learning to be grateful for God’s work at putting me where I need to be at this present time and trust that He has the path planned for me in the days to come.

Grace and peace.