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I’ve had the blogging blues.  I think about stuff to write but I don’t want to write it.  I suppose it follows the changes in life…good days, not so good days, downright bad days.  Or, maybe I write when there is a lot on my mind and can’t write when there is too much on my mind.  So here are some random thoughts.  (I always enjoy reading these weeks and months later to see where my head was because I know what it all means and a lot of other readers don’t.  Yes, I’m stingy that what.)

Had lunch with a good friend yesterday and we fired up the talk about being “happy.”  My friend knows I am not a fan of people wanting to be happy when I think there are better and deeper things to strive for.  Heck, I want to be happy and I generally am happy but it doesn’t take much thinking about wanting a job and not getting it or how to pay for something when money is tight or how someone treated me to make me unhappy.  When people pull out the “God wants me to be happy” card I always ask them if they read the story of Job.  Or David, the man after God’s own heart.  If that’s happy, it’s not always pretty.

There’s a job I really want right now but it doesn’t exist yet.  That’ a bit of a struggle, huh?  The job is working in an area that I’m passionate about on two fronts: helping people get through conflict and helping people get on their feet when they’ve been kicked, hit, run over, etc.  I read Jesus Calling daily and every day the message tells me to trust God and to be thankful for where I am and what He is doing in this time and space.  I’m trying but it hasn’t stopped me from telling Him about this job and asking Him to open the doors and pave the road to make it happen.

Today, Jesus Calling started with this sentence.  TRUST AND THANKFULNESS WILL get you safely through this day.

Negative people weigh me down.  Last night was a “weigh-downer” and that’s all I need to say about that right now.

On the bright side, I got a call from a friend who knows of a job opportunity he wants to recommend me for and asked for my resume.  Maybe it’s not the dream job or maybe it is.  SO THANKFUL for good friends and good contacts.

I have determined I like consulting work when I don’t have to do it for a living.  I thought it’s what I always wanted for a career.  I do enjoy it but I enjoy building relationships within an organization better.  In consulting, I work with the owner primarily and hope they follow my suggestions.  Working in an organization allows me the space to plan, develop and execute the project and build relationships with all those working on it.  I can be a coach, encourager and mentor directly to the people involved along the path.  It’s good to do new things, explore new things and learn new things.  This is something I have learned about me.

Enough already.  Time for the rambling to cease and some productivity to start.

Grace and peace.