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I’m job hunting.  I’m consulting.  I’m praying.  A lot.  I would like to have a good paying job that allows me to accomplish several personal hopes and dreams.  Somewhere in all of this I need to catch a break.  I have interviewed for a couple of positions and thought they went well but nothing came from it.  I have had business owners tell me they want me to consider working for them but we all seem to still be considering it.  I have had owners tell me they want to use me for some long term consulting only to put it off or be more sporadic than originally thought.  Gimme a break!

Maybe I’m waiting on God to give me a break.  I don’t know about all that but I do know this; when the break comes I will be ready to prove myself beyond what is expected of me.  I needed a sabbath.  I needed to collect myself and get my feet under me.  Life hasn’t been all that kind to me and there have been parts of getting beat up that I haven’t responded to well.  I needed some time off, time to think, time to walk, time to talk to God.  And I thank God that He has given me this time.  Now I’m ready.  I just need a break (also known as answered prayers).

I always love an inspirational story and many know this one.  This lady is one of my favorites because of her ability to change the look on someone’s face.  She got her break and she grabbed it with both hands.  Certainly an inspiration to me.

Grace and peace.