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It’s a random day.  A day at Starbucks to write a paper but the paper isn’t getting written.  A phone call that went long.  A conversation with a new friend.  Two young, giggly girls behind me that I tried to tune out but only seemed to get louder.  A email request that took some time and thought to respond to.  One of those days. 

Thought 1: I have been doing the Advocare Can You 24? Workout semi-regularly for 3 weeks.  I like it.  I call it P90X lite for people who haven’t heard of it.  It’s a great workout program for someone like me who needs to start slow and build steam.  I’m progressing from the beginner level to the intermediate and feeling new soreness in old muscles.  I love it.  I didn’t want to do it today but so glad I did. 

Thought 2: I was invited to come speak at a seminar on Peace at ACU next week.  I’m a fill-in for someone on the board of the organization that is putting on the event.  I’m stoked and appreciative that they would ask me to participate in something so important to the Conflict Resolution department and to ACU.  I’m at work mentally on my presentation.  I have to work talks out in my head before I can start putting them on paper to fine tune.  I wonder if there’s a better way.

Thought 3: I was supposed to go eat dinner with a friend tonight at my favorite restaurant.  The dinner got put on hold so I’m trying to decide if I’m going to go eat there on my own since it’s on my brain.  I’m way too hungry way too early in the day. 

Thought 4: I just read a blog on where our identity comes from.  I can’t help but wonder if I’m not in my present situation because my identity is still in earthly things.  One of the hardest things I deal with right now is not having a job, a title, that tells me and others who I am.  I tell others they are children of God, made in His image.  Once again, it’s easier for me to sell it than buy it. 

Thought 5: I’ve had 3 conversations in the past week with 3 different friends that were illuminating.  Surprising, odd, challenging.  In that order.  It makes me wonder what the next 3 conversations with the next 3 people will be like.

Thought 6: I always wonder about the people who walk into Starbucks.  What’s their story?  Why are they here?  Are the things I assume about them true or false?  Do they all wonder the same things about me?

Thought 7: I’m praying about a particular job.  It would throw me in the middle of a hard ministry.  The position may not get approved.  I may not be the right person for the job.  it may not pay enough.  It may require me to move earlier than I would like.  Lots of things could interfere or create a barrier.  Yet, I continue to pray because I believe it is a job that my heart would be fully invested in.  As well as my identity as a child of the King.  That excites me.

Thought 8: How many random thoughts can a person have in one blog post?

Grace and peace.