I am not surprised Hillary Clinton has come out in full support of gay marriage.  I might only be surprised that it has taken her so long to do it.  

On the other hand, I was surprised to hear Rob Bell come out in support of gay marriage.  I realize he has been controversial about some things that are certainly left up in the air in the Bible.  I just did not think he would go forward promoting gay marriage.

Slippery slopes and all that aside, I do wonder how far the debate will go on what is acceptable in our country and in our churches between two people who profess to love each other.  

I am often perplexed how people can promote the elimination of inanimate, amoral objects and promote the acceptance of spiritually morale issues with equal ferocity.  

I recently got into a debate with someone on what was an acceptable magazine size for guns.  He said six.  I said 15 at a minimum, unlimited at best.  I asked my friend if he had ever been hunting when several feral hogs rushed him.  He responded know so I asked him how many bullets he thought he would need to kill 4 feral hogs in an open field that were pursuing him.  He responded that he did not see himself in that position.  So I pressed, asking if he had friends who hunted or friends of friends or could even imagine someone hunting and running into that situation.  His response was that it probably did not happen often enough that anyone would need a large capacity clip.  I left him with my appreciation that he could imagine all the situation where his decision would or would not affect someone.  My argument is not about clip size or whether guns or right or wrong.  My argument is that a gun not in the hands of a person never hurts anyone so the focus on banning guns or reducing clip size does not resolve the problem.  Gun are amoral.

Back to Hillary and Rob.  They are treading on moral ground and making a stand that many believe is in contrast with God’s desire.  It is a dangerous path we walk when we attempt to speak for God and state what is right or wrong.  I have done it myself, recently, in conversation with a friend about what I thought a church was doing in contrast to God’s teaching.  

What’s my point.  Honestly, I am not sure yet other than to say we argue over a lot of things that are small problems in the face of some VERY BIG problems our nation and our world faces.  

How many people die each day from starvation?  Homelessness?  Poverty?

How many people kill themselves daily due to lack of hope?  love?  belonging?

How many babies are aborted each day because of fear?  money?  love?  hope?

What if Rob and Hillary started campaigning for things that made a big difference every day?  What if?

Grace and peace.