As I write this, the Supreme Court is still talking about the rights of homosexuals to marry.  Yes, I’m going there today.

First, I am opposed to homosexual marriage.  I believe in the Biblical context of marriage between a man and a woman.  Said another way, I use the Bible as my sole guide for marriage and who is represented in marriage.

While some may think me simpleminded for my belief, I will still take my stand based on my understanding of God’s word.  On the other hand, it is also God’s word that gives me pause in the ways I see many proclaimed Christians handling the matter.  Those claiming to represent Christ might back off their often loud, heated, rude and agitating statements about homosexuals and gay marriage.  In one Facebook thread I was reading, I saw one young man representing Christianity labeling several detractors as “morons.” I’m trying to remember when Jesus took that approach.

Instead of battling against gay marriage, what if Christ-followers engage in showing the love of Jesus in our words and our actions.  Granted, there is a time to share consequences of decisions but when people hear more about the consequences without the presence of love and relationship, the words of condemnation ring hollow.

Yesterday, I posted about fear of rejection and vulnerability.  When I am fearing rejection, I typically do not want to listen to more rejection.  I need love.  I need to be built up in relationship.  I need to feel strength and courage being poured into me.  I cannot help but wonder if some people on the other side of this argument feel the same way.

When people are looking for acceptance, the rejection and “going to hell” messages of (hopefully) well-intentioned people do not show love, do not build up.  Tell me about “tough love” and I’ll tell you about rationalization.  I cannot help but wonder how effective the story of the loving father would be had he simply shown “tough love”.

I struggle with understanding the love and acceptance of Christ for myself.  I am guessing that there are many on the other side of this debate that share that struggle with me.  If I, and others, could fully understand the depth and breadth of Christ’s love I wonder if my failings in giving into temptation and sin would end.  If I can show the guy on the other side of the issue true acceptance in Christ, does he become more open to reading the Gospel message, of Christ’s teaching, in a different light than he sees it now?

I say all this thinking about some friends I have, people I love dearly, who identify themselves as homosexuals.  I love them fiercely and would go toe to toe with anyone threatening them or condemning them.  That’s God’s decision to make.  However, they know what I believe about Christ’s teaching about our actions AND they know I love them.  If they choose to marry someone of the same sex, they will know that I don’t agree with that choice but that my love for them, through Christ and because of Christ, will never waiver.  They may be hurt that I don’t agree with their actions and it may even damage the relationship but it will not be because my love for them has changed

For far too long, I have believed that Christians abdicated their responsibility to the government and are now reaping what they have sown.  I hope Christ-followers begin to act in a way that shows our battle is not against a Supreme Court ruling but against a spiritual battle that swirls around us.  Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against dark forces that we cannot clearly see until we are fully engaged in a dark fight with and from damaging choices.

I wonder if there is any room to doubt the significance of this case being on the forefront of our national news at the same time Christendom is celebrating the death of the old life and the birth of a new life.  Is it a sign of where my focus needs to be; on a court ruling or on the risen Savior?

Grace and peace.