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That sums up my weekend.  A pretty good weekend for a father and son; watching him play baseball Friday night, playing a round of golf Saturday, and taking on a trap shooting course on Sunday.  All fun stuff but nothing compares to just being in his presence.

God blessed me with two wonderful kids.  A daughter who amazes me with her laser focus.  I’ll never forget the moment I first held her and she wrapped her tiny fingers around one of mine.  It was a life-changing moment.  She has grown up way too fast and I miss her.  Cell phones and texting and social media help me stay more connected than generations past but it’s not the same as hearing her voice, getting a hug and talking.  And there’s my son.  A special young man with a sweet, gentle, kind heart.  I’ve got a little more time with him and I cherish the moments.  My days with him are too fleeting so I long for each day I get and hate when they are over and love every moment I have with him in between.

My children, like all others, are gifts from heaven.  I thank God for the beauty, the joy, the challenges, the differences and the love I see and feel in both of my kids.  I wish I could go get my girl out of school and take a shopping day like we did in years gone by.  What I would give to relive those days, to hang on just a little bit longer.  And what I would give to have more days with my son but they keep going by way too fast.  So, a weekend of baseball, golf and guns is a weekend I treasure today and will treasure in days to come when I look back and remember.

I love my kids.

Grace and peace.